Greetings!  Welcome, footage users of all kinds.

MyFOOTAGE.com is a provider of stock footage,

to film makers, television produtions and advertising. 

 We invite everyone to search, watch and hopefully

buy clips from our site.

You can't shoot history.

We preserve and capture film and video. 

The MyFOOTAGE collection specializes in archival footage from the late 1800's to 1970's.
However, we  have footage shot from the 1980's to today, as well.
This past summer, we traveled across the country shooting content in 4k, for the new site.
Our collection includes newsreels, industrials, cartoons, short subjects, serials, documentaries
 Hollywood feature films,exploitations films and trailers of every genre. tv shows and
tv commercials 1940's through the 1970's. We have a lot of outtakes, original shoot material, b-roll
produuction elements.
Many of the film prints are of museum quality, however there is a
great deal of  historic value in the collection of SD video, as well.
 Our HD scans are studio supervised and color corrected ;
in some cases we have film backing. 
Not everything we have can be uploaded to our site. So, if you don't see the footage you want , please contact us. 

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